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Data Reach Pro


199 Lifetime
  • 15 Million Email Database
  • 1.2 Million USA Email Database
  • 1.5 Lac USA Contact Number
  • 65K USA Whatsapp Number

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Business bundle 2.0

Product Ready
Free lifetime
  • Done For You Graphics Of Every Industries (1000+)
  • Latest PLR Articles Researched (6000+)
  • Powerful Ppt Presentation
  • Powerful Affiliate Marketing PLR Text + VideoBLUEPRINT FOR GOOGLE PLR
  • Done For You Elementor Full Page, Header, Footer
  • Done For You Html Site

Module 1

Updated Version And New Techniques In 2023-24 Of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, Linkedin Ads, Microsoft Ads, Ppc Ads, Youtube Ads New Techniques Of PLR With Video Explanation.

What you will get in module 1 ?

Discover all updated version and new techniques of social media Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Microsoft Ads

  • Pinterest Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • PPC Ads

  • Shopify

  • Small Business Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • YouTube Ads

  • YouTube Monetize

Facebook Ads

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Google Ads

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

Instagram Ads

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

LinkedIn Ads

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

Microsoft Advertising

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

Pinterest Advertising

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

PPC Advertising

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

Shopify SEO

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

Small Business Marketing

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

Social Media Ads

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

YouTube Ads

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

YouTube Monetize

Table of Content

PDF Files

Word Files

Videos Files

Module 2

Includes Done For You Graphics Of Every Industries.

What you will get in module 2 ?

Done For You Graphics Designs

Social Media Kit black white collection


Social Media Kit blue sky collection



6 in 1_PRO Social Media Pack copy

Instagram Stories Templates

Social Media Pack (100+ Designs)


Banners (250+ Designs)


Branding (100+ Designs)


Brochure (500+ Designs)


Premium Designs Demo

Business Letterhead (50+ Designs)


Tattoo Art (100+ Designs)


Envelope Flyers (10+ Designs)


Fashion Instagram Bundle (50+ Designs)


Latest Flyers Designs (500+ Designs)


Instagram Stories (100+ Designs)


Menu Designs (50+ Designs)


"Premium Designs: Elevate Your Style with Sophisticated Excellence"

Premium Designs

“Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury: Premium Designs for the Discerning Few”

Module 3

Latest Articles Researched By Our Core Team, It Has Taken More Than 6 Month And Lots Of Effort For More Than 90+ Different Niches (Industries), You will not find this article anywhere on the internet.

Digital Marketing With Latest Technique

Top 250 PLR Articles In 2023-24

Health and fitness


Business and Marketing

Computer and Technology



Business and Finance

Time Management

Self Development

Web Development


Online Business


Top Niches


Wealth Building


Travel Leisure

Home Improvement


Alternative Medicine

Recreation And Sports



Automotive Industries

Credit Cards


Pets & Animal

Real Estate


Auto and Trucks




Food and Drinks


Site Promotion

Education And Reference


Internet marketing

Travel Destinations


Arts & Entertainment

Travel Tips

Small Business

Wine And Spirits


Disease Illness







Debt Consolidation


Interior Designs





Module 4

Powerful Ppt Presentation That Will Keep You Ahead In Every Presentation

Module 5

Powerful Affiliate Marketing PLR Text + Video

Module 6

Done For You Elementor

Module 7

Done For You Html Site.

Additional Bonuses

Bonus #1(Value $249)

Chatgpt Masterclass With Prompts

Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Your Organization: 3264+ ChatGPT Prompts for Internet Marketers

Boost Your Talent with 3264+ ChatGPT Prompt Ideas

Get expert guidance and innovative strategies to take your work to the next level, without the hassle.

Endless Inspiration: Our extensive library of pre-built prompts covers a wide range of topics and industries. Whether you’re writing a blog post, creating social media content, or developing sales copy, we have prompts tailored to suit your needs.

Customizability: Tailor the prompts to match your unique writing style and tone. You can specify the desired length, target audience, or even incorporate keywords relevant to your topic. The prompts are flexible and adaptable, giving you full control over the direction of your content.

Bonus #2 (value $199)

Unleash the Power of Google Bard AI

“Unlock Unlimited Potential: Generate Millions with Google Bard AI’s Cutting-Edge Intelligent Solutions”

Bonus #3 (Value $999)

DFY Social Media Ads Templates

Looking for some inspiration for your next social media design project? Look no further.


Bonus #4 (Value $449)

A. I. In Digital Marketing

This PLR package is designed to equip you with valuable knowledge and actionable strategies to leverage AI technologies in various aspects of digital marketing. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or business owner, this resource will help you maximize your online presence, engage your target audience, and boost your marketing efforts.

Customers Feel Happy & Confident Using Business Bundle 2.0

We have received rave reviews from the beta users of Business Bundle about the product as well as about our customer support. Please have a look…

I recently purchased the Business Bundle 2.0 PLR package, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. As a business owner looking for high-quality resources to enhance my online presence and marketing efforts, this bundle provided me with everything I needed. First of all, the variety of content included in this package is impressive. From eBooks and articles to videos and graphics, there's a wealth of information and resources to choose from. It allowed me to cover multiple aspects of my business, from marketing and sales to productivity and leadership. The content was well-written, engaging, and provided valuable insights and strategies that I could immediately implement. The customization options available with this PLR package were a standout feature for me. Being able to rebrand and modify the content to match my business's unique branding and voice was a game-changer. It saved me a lot of time and effort, and I was able to create personalized materials that resonated with my target audience. I also appreciated the fact that the content was up-to-date and relevant. In the fast-paced business world, it's crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and strategies, and this bundle delivered in that aspect. The information provided was current and aligned with the latest industry best practices. Furthermore, the graphics and visual assets included in the package were of excellent quality. They added a professional touch to my marketing materials and helped me create visually appealing presentations and social media posts. The videos were informative and engaging, making it easier for me to communicate complex concepts to my audience. One area where the Business Bundle 2.0 PLR package could be improved is in providing more in-depth guides or tutorials on implementing the strategies mentioned. While the content provided a solid foundation, additional step-by-step instructions or case studies would have been beneficial for beginners. Overall, I highly recommend the Business Bundle 2.0 PLR package to business owners and marketers looking to level up their online presence and marketing efforts. It's a comprehensive and customizable resource that provides valuable content and assets to support your business growth. With its wide range of materials and user-friendly customization options, it's an excellent investment for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Madhuri Baliwada


Customer Review of Business Bundle 2.0 PLR Rating: 4.5/5 I recently purchased the Business Bundle 2.0 PLR, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and value it provides. This PLR package offers a comprehensive set of resources that covers a wide range of business topics, making it an excellent investment for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners. The content included in the Business Bundle 2.0 PLR is well-researched, informative, and up-to-date. Each module is carefully crafted, providing in-depth knowledge and actionable strategies that can be implemented in various business scenarios. I particularly appreciated the detailed guides on business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and customer acquisition. The variety of resources available in this bundle is impressive. It includes e-books, articles, templates, checklists, and graphics, which are all professionally designed and easy to customize. This flexibility allows me to brand and tailor the content to my specific business needs, saving me valuable time and effort. The Business Bundle 2.0 PLR also stands out for its high-quality graphics and visual assets. The included images, infographics, and diagrams are visually appealing and enhance the overall presentation of the content. They have proven to be great assets for my website, social media posts, and marketing materials. One minor drawback I found was that some of the content could be more detailed in certain areas. While the package covers a wide range of topics, there were a few instances where I wished for more in-depth information. However, considering the overall value and breadth of resources provided, this is a minor issue. In terms of customer support, I had a positive experience with the PLR provider. They promptly responded to my queries and provided helpful assistance when I needed clarification or additional information. Overall, I highly recommend the Business Bundle 2.0 PLR to anyone looking to enhance their business knowledge, streamline their processes, and access high-quality resources. It offers excellent value for the investment and has become a valuable asset in my business toolkit.

Chandrakant Barot


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