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From the desk of Ashish…….

For those that don’t know me, my name is Ashish Navik (CEO of fortune IT Corp). I’m a successful digital marketer, tech entreprenuer over more than 13 yrs of experience in the field.

Over the past few years, I have created the official training courses and presentations for some very successful products. Now, I am using those same skills, for which I charged thousands of dollars, to provide you with outstanding, beautifully crafted training PLR products that your subscribers will love!


To that end, I have just launched HERO PLR and will be bringing you super PLR products you can sell to your list for super results.  

During this launch, we have created multiple ways you can make as much money as you want!

During this launch, we have created multiple ways you can make as much money as you want!

Launches come and go... But what if you want to promote for a longer period of time and still get rewarded with special bonuses? Now, YOU can!

It's called Pay-for-Play and You can earn Bonus CASH based on YOUR sales performance!

From the day of the launch, we’ll pay a special sales bonus for the following 14 days.

What exactly does that mean? Promote hard during the 4-day launch and you can earn as much as you want over the entire 2-week period but you MUST promote during the launch to qualify.

Cash bonuses are based on your entire sales volume during that 14-day period from April 9 to April 22. All sales during that period will count toward the bonus. There’s room for everyone with this promotion with a minimum of 25 sales. 

Truly, you can earn as much as you want with this incentive. Move to the next level for even more CASH!

"Unrestricted Private Label Rights Packages Are Your Tickets To "Financial Freedom" You So Longingly Desired"... Not Us! That’s What Our Customers Are Saying... Take A Look...

Not Us! That’s What Our Customers Are Saying… Take A Look…

Top Marketer’s Secret Code To Make A Fortune Online Has Been Finally Cracked!...

Do you ever wonder how top marketers easily make big dollars online while you struggle to make even a dime?
Many newbies & struggling marketers think there’s this MASSIVE GAP between what they do, and how top-earners make their money.
The reality is this “gap” is tiny… But top-marketers literally have something POWERFUL that automatically generate sales & profits.
And that simply is…

A Top-Converting Product!

Whether you’re beginning online or you’ve got experience, having a top-converting product in the HOT niche is your gateway to be a success online.

We know this because we’ve been selling training courses online for years and understand how the industry has changed.

The days of tossing a poorly written 30-page eBook on ClickBank and cashing in are gone. If you try it, you’ll be crushed by refunds and bad reviews.

Also due to the cut-throat competition, you want your products and offers to stand out from the crowd which could only be achieved if you sell something of true-value and trendy.

Keeping that in mind, we have made a full-fledged digital video training product addressing the only segment of Make Money Online Niche that’s growing at a speedy rate despite global economic uncertainty… And that is AFFILIATE MARKETING!

Affiliate Marketing Is One Of The Few Industries Where The Impact Of The Coronavirus Has Presented Affiliate Marketers With Better Opportunities!

The Financial outbreak has resulted in increasing financial uncertainty and higher unemployment.

These uncertain times have worried people about their financial futures, making them seek alternative money-making opportunities.

And as affiliate marketing is trending & a free source to make passive income easily, more & more people are drawn towards it seeking that financial security and the comfort of a laptop lifestyle.

Hence it is clear, how a complete video training program on this HOT topic will affect any business in terms of profits and ROI.

And since selling digital products online is not only the fastest way to make quick bucks, but right now is the safest and flourishing business to gain long-term profits and customers, marketers are now longed to have their own digital products to sell.

At this point, let us reveal you a secret…

Selling training courses online is all good and profitable, BUT…

What Experts Are Saying

"Excellent training and everything is of high-quality. You have explained everything about how to get started with affiliate marketing in detail. The best part is, it’s even coming with Unrestricted PLR Option. That’s very rare to find such a package with such extensive Unrestricted PLR rights and with the sales stuff modules along with it, anyone can put it to great use to make a fortune online.

Priya Chandra
Web Designer

"This is a unique package, teaching you everything to make consistent income with affiliate marketing with quality stuff like videos, guide, articles, graphics, etc. I really love the way they prepared it while explaining every minute detail. Most importantly, they are even giving Unrestricted PLR Option as well, which means it can be a good income source in times like these. Grab it guys!

Agus Sakti
Premium JVZOO Seller & Affiliate.

"I really love the new package Fortune IT Corp are offering. Their product quality always amazes me and this new video training course really awestruck me. With all the modules, they are providing an option of Unrestricted Private Label Rights. What better way to strike it rich online than selling a top-notch product with PLR. Highly recommended!

Azam Dzulfikar
Digital Marketer

"Miraculous package guys! I always love your stuff but this time you seriously have gone the extra mile. Everything is perfect – videos, training guide, sales stuff, articles, swipes, graphics, banners, and an option of Unrestricted PLR license. With all the sales modules, anyone can put it to great use for making fast bucks online. I have never seen a package so incredible with such a big Unrestricted PLR opportunity at this low price. Go for it!

Maghfur Amin
Product Creator, jvzoo affilate marketer
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