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Fortune IT Corp is an Internet Advertising and Website Marketing Company based in the India. We take pride in playing an important role in helping other businesses establish a strong Internet presence, via. Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC), Cost Per Click Advertisement (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We take satisfaction in watching them grow and find success. We are expert in all type of Pay Per Click Advertising and other Website Marketing and Promotion Services.

Fortune IT Corp goes well beyond just putting up ads and basic tracking by providing more types of services designed to get you results and at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Our comprehensive solution provides a customized pay per click account that is designed for you and your industry which means you will be more successful.

Ashish Navik

CEO (Fortune IT Corp)

For those that don’t know me, my name is Ashish Navik (CEO of fortune IT Corp). I’m a successful digital marketer and tech entrepreneur with more than 13 yrs of experience in the field.

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What exactly is this Case Study: How to Set Up Products on WarriorPlus?

Get your products LISTED on WarriorPlus. First, and foremost…that’s the key to making sales. Unfortunately, most people get intimidated at first and give up. With this step-by-step video training setting up real products, you’ll discover the easiest way to get it done quickly. And with the transcripts as well as the mp3, you’ll be able to revisit and study the process should you ever need to come back.

And Our Connect Effectively with Teams Videos Will Position You As The Expert...

Establish Trust

Provide Reliable High Quality Information and Content That Your Customers Can Use With Confidence

Be An Authority

Create A Presence In Your Niche By Tailoring the Information To Their Specific Needs

Keep All of the Profit

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor…100% of All you Sell Is Yours!

Sell To Hungry Buyers

Get Started With Topics That Marketers Have Proven They’ll Buy

Build Your List

Use The Content As Bait To Build A Huge Responsive List

Crush It As An Affilaite

Use Your Content As a High Quality Bonus for Relevant Offers

"I had previously made two unsuccessful attempts at setting up a product on WarriorPlus on my own, even going so far as to take another course. Ashish quickly demonstrated to me how to set up a product and an offer that functioned and passed inspection. Someone at last gave me an explanation for this platform, which was completely beyond my comprehension. Since Ashish gave me a complete grasp of what to set and the rationale for each option, I've gone on to set up 5 more products and 2 more offers in the past few weeks without any issues. Great educator. Investing in this training to support you will be a wise decision."
Deborah Sims
Ceo & Founder Initech
"With warriorplus, it appeared impossible to make millions. If only I could figure out the platform, I knew I could earn money. This platform finally became clear and, dare I say, simple thanks to Make millions wih warriorplus."
Priya Chandra
Web Designer

What Will You Get with the Case Study: How to Set Up Products in WarriorPlus in Less than 10 Minutes?

Don't miss this! No matter what your experience level is, you want to grab this step-by-step training program on setting up your products on WarriorPlus and maximizing your sales today!

“Hello, Ashish I’ve got to say, I sure wish more people would publish programmes like this that dive right into starting an online business. Without any fluff or gimmicks, just the bare essentials. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to pass this along to my family as well because they frequently ask for this kind of detailed information!”

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Spend more time with friends & family while building business revenue

Choose from 100+ responsive website kits, customize one with selfmade  Elementor’s no code intuitive builder, publish and go live – all in a snap!

With all the different distractions we all face everyday, no wonder it’s virtually impossible to get anything done.

Set your priorities, make more time and earn more cash in your business with these simple, small systems!

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DFY Social Media Ads Templates

Looking for some inspiration for your next social media design project? Look no further.


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Affiliate Marketing Master Plan 2023 PLR

Find out why affiliate marketing is perfectly positioned
to capitalize on 2023’s expected $140 billion in
consumer app spend.

Implementing affiliate tracking within your e-commerce app can significantly boost your affiliate performance. Without it, affiliate sales that complete in the app go unrecognized, unrewarded and unreported. Another important aspect is the user experience. It should be in every advertiser’s interest to provide their customers with a seamless customer journey that not only creates less frustration, but also increases conversion rates.

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A Complete Guide To Holiday Marketing

SEO For Holidays: 2023 Edition
Your Holiday Marketing Campaign Checklist: 6 Essentials
How To Do Local Seo During The Holidays
Holiday PPC Strategy: 11 Steps To Drive Greater Profit In The Holiday Season
10 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Holiday Sales
Top Holiday Social Media Campaign Ideas To Try
Creative Ideas To Work With Influencers This Holiday
How To Create A Holiday Content Strategy
The Ultimate Holiday Marketing Calendar For 2023 [Templates]

What Experts Are Saying

"Excellent training and everything is of high-quality. You have explained everything about how to get started with affiliate marketing with warriorplus in detail. The best part is, it’s even coming with Unrestricted PLR Option. That’s very rare to find such a package with such extensive Unrestricted PLR rights and with the sales stuff modules along with it, anyone can put it to great use to make a fortune online.

Priya Chandra
Web Designer

"This is a unique package, teaching you everything to make consistent income with affiliate marketing with quality stuff like videos, guide, articles, graphics, etc. I really love the way they prepared it while explaining every minute detail. Most importantly, they are even giving Unrestricted PLR Option as well, which means it can be a good income source in times like these. Grab it guys!

Agus Sakti
Premium JVZOO Seller & Affiliate.

"I really love the new package Fortune IT Corp are offering. Their product quality always amazes me and this new video training course really awestruck me. With all the modules, they are providing an option of Unrestricted Private Label Rights. What better way to strike it rich online than selling a top-notch product with PLR. Highly recommended!

Azam Dzulfikar
Digital Marketer

"Miraculous package guys! I always love your stuff but this time you seriously have gone the extra mile. Everything is perfect – videos, training guide, sales stuff, articles, swipes, graphics, banners, and an option of Unrestricted PLR license. With all the sales modules, anyone can put it to great use for making fast bucks online. I have never seen a package so incredible with such a big Unrestricted PLR opportunity at this low price. Go for it!

Maghfur Amin
Product Creator, jvzoo affilate marketer

Basic yet Brilliant ways to Bank Big with our ‘$1 Million With Affiliate Marketing 100% Training PLR Updated version 2023’ and Unrestricted Private Label Rights Option!

What you can do ?


  • You can sell it with PLR and pocket every cent you make.
  • You can bundle it with your other PLR products.
  • You can use the content to post on social media profiles to re-engage your followers. It brings engagement and establishes yourself as an authority.
  • You can offer it as a bonus to your existing product and make your customers happy.
  • You can offer it as an upsell offer with your existing product.
  • You can use it in your other video products or for your webinars.
  • You can distribute it to your affiliates for they promote you.
  • You can also create eBooks and maybe create multiple eBooks out of it.
  • You can Split the content to post on your blogs and engage more readers.
  • You can use ebook/video content in your online or offline coaching program. Train your students and get paid for it.
  • You can re-purpose the content for offline use. Use it for your keynote presentations or convert it into a physical product to sell it at a much higher price!
  • You can retain paying members by adding this product to your paid membership site.
  • You can turn the ebook contents into audio series or podcast and sell as an audiobook.
  • You can Translate the content to other languages, this will enable you the power to reach a wider audience!
  • You can rename, rebrand or customize it and claim full authorship. Everything is up to you.


What you can’t do – Just 2 Restrictions?


  • No, you may NOT giveaway the entire training course for free. Must be sold for at least $7.
  • No, you may NOT giveaway the Private Label Rights for free.

Domestic Payment

BHIM, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe or any Banking UPI app to make payment.

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