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Myths Busted: Common Marketing Myths

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Myths Busted: Common Marketing Myths

Even if you’ve been in the game for years or you’ve just recently dove into the marketing industry, you’re sure to have heard a few myths or misconceptions about the industry. Here are a few of the common ones that you’ve likely heard, or are going to hear.

1. Marketing and Advertising are the Same Things

While they do overlap sometimes, advertising is a much narrower field that is often used by marketers. Marketing encompasses a much broader picture of how a brand interacts with its customers. Marketing may use advertisements, but often looks beyond the success of the advertisement at the long-term impact on their customers, or how they can keep customers coming back after that ad.

2. We Need to Market to EVERYBODY

We get it. You believe that your business is great, and we do too. However, no matter what it is you’re offering, it will never appeal to everyone. The most effective marketing is not only knowing who your target customers are, but how to relate to them. Establishing your target audience will save you precious time, money, and energy allowing you to invest in reaching out to the people most likely to buy or follow you.

3. Only Digital Matter, Online Marketing is All I Need

Digital marketing surely does dominate many discussions about marketing campaigns in the modern era, and if your audience is on the younger side you might get high returns from it.

Despite that, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a well-utilized brochure, radio ad, booklet, or outdoor advertisement. Traditional media can be a place to find impressive returns, especially when it gets someone’s attention outside of a screen. Modern Marketing strategies should take advantage of both traditional and digital marketing strategies.

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