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One of the key aspects of my approach as a digital marketer is a data-driven mindset. I firmly believe that successful marketing decisions should be based on thorough analysis and interpretation of relevant data. By leveraging various analytics tools and closely monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), I continuously refine and optimize campaigns to maximize return on investment (ROI) 

In addition to my technical skills, I possess strong strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. I have collaborated with diverse clients and industries, understanding their unique goals and challenges, and tailoring digital marketing strategies accordingly. From small startups to large multinational corporations, I have helped Industries of all sizes achieve their marketing objectives and drive growth.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, I am committed to staying updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques. I thrive on the dynamic nature of digital marketing and enjoy exploring innovative strategies to create impactful and engaging campaigns.

With 13 years of hands-on experience, a passion for digital marketing, and a proven track record of delivering results, I am confident in my ability to contribute to the success of any organization in need of a skilled and experienced digital marketer.

Ashish Navik

CEO (Fortune IT Corp)

As an experienced digital marketer with 13 years of expertise in the field, I have developed a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing. Throughout my career, I have witnessed and adapted to the rapid changes in technology, consumer behavior, and digital marketing strategies. This has enabled me to stay at the forefront of the industry, consistently delivering successful campaigns and driving tangible results for my clients or employers.

My journey as a digital marketer began over a decade ago, where I initially focused on traditional marketing methods. However, as the digital realm emerged as a powerful force, I quickly recognized its potential and shifted my focus to mastering the art of digital marketing. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in various aspects of the field, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing PLR Sales Funnel

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AI in Digital Marketing PLR

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Chatgpt Masterclass With Prompts

Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Your Organization: 3264+ ChatGPT Prompts for Internet Marketers

Boost Your Talent with 3264+ ChatGPT Prompt Ideas

Get expert guidance and innovative strategies to take your work to the next level, without the hassle.

Endless Inspiration: Our extensive library of pre-built prompts covers a wide range of topics and industries. Whether you’re writing a blog post, creating social media content, or developing sales copy, we have prompts tailored to suit your needs.

Customizability: Tailor the prompts to match your unique writing style and tone. You can specify the desired length, target audience, or even incorporate keywords relevant to your topic. The prompts are flexible and adaptable, giving you full control over the direction of your content.

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Unleash the Power of Google Bard AI

“Unlock Unlimited Potential: Generate Millions with Google Bard AI’s Cutting-Edge Intelligent Solutions”

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Spend more time with friends & family while building an empire

Choose from 100+ responsive website kits, customize one with selfmade  Elementor’s no code intuitive builder, publish and go live – all in a snap!

With all the different distractions we all face everyday, no wonder it’s virtually impossible to get anything done.

Set your priorities, make more time and earn more revenue with these simple, small systems!

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DFY Social Media Ads Templates

Looking for some inspiration for your next social media design project? Look no further.


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Affiliate Marketing Master Plan 2023 PLR

Find out why affiliate marketing is perfectly positioned
to capitalize on 2023’s expected $140 billion in
consumer app spend.

Implementing affiliate tracking within your e-commerce app can significantly boost your affiliate performance. Without it, affiliate sales that complete in the app go unrecognized, unrewarded and unreported. Another important aspect is the user experience. It should be in every advertiser’s interest to provide their customers with a seamless customer journey that not only creates less frustration, but also increases conversion rates.

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How Search Engine Works PLR

Search engines work by crawling hundreds of billions of pages using their own web crawlers. These web crawlers are commonly referred to as search engine bots or spiders. A search engine navigates the web by downloading web pages and following links on these pages to discover new pages that have been made available.

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Ecommerce Marketing PLR

Global sales of eCommerce products went through the roof over the last 2 years. Sales are projected to double from pre-pandemic levels, hitting $7 billion globally by 2025. Everyone wants to capitalize on the momentum and grow their eCommerce sector. The challenge is that there is so much information out there that it’s easy to get lost in all the fluff.

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Intro Video

Done for you Intro Videos for your advertisment jouirney


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