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Staying Ahead of the Competition in 2023, Part 1

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Staying Ahead of the Competition in 2023, Part 1

Don’t be smarter… be first.

As we move into a new year brands need to be aware of what highly effective trends are emerging in the online marketing space.

Marketing has always been dynamic. What worked a few years ago now may be losing effectiveness as more begin to adopt winning practices.

Making sure a brand or business is an early adopter can help put it ahead of the industry. Here are a few trends to be looking into for 2023…

1. Zero-party Data

With new privacy focused laws coming into the play in the past few years, the effectiveness of data-gathering tools has become more limited. This makes zero-party data…, data that a consumer shares directly with a business or brand, that much more valuable in today’s world.

Obviously, the more consumer data a brand can get their hands on the better the insight they can have on their customers is. Marketing strategies using polls, quizzes, surveys, and form building are going to be gaining popularity and effectiveness throughout the next year.

2. Conversational Marketing

Employing AI tools such as chatbots with machine learning has been seeing a rise in the marketing world recently. With the advent of ChatGPT, an extremely advanced chat bot, automated real time conversations with consumers provide instantaneous answers to their questions providing further engagement with them.

This is a tool to be leveraged to maximize the number of customers you can attract and retain.

3. Interactive Content

In a sea of static posts and blog pages across the internet, interactive content can be a huge boost for grabbing the attention of a customer as well as increasing their engagement.

By making a consumer a direct and active participant, interactive content excels at capturing and retaining a customer’s attention.

Interactive techniques can include many things like a QR code that sends a consumer to a video, emails with image carousels or embedded videos, or even social posts that include polls or ask for an opinion to be shared. Dynamic content like this will continue to increase in popularity over the year.

Remember, the early bird gets the worm… don’t be a late adopter when the marketing

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