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Salesforce To Cut 10% of Staff

In an announcement to its employees, Salesforce has said that it will be cutting about 10% of its workforce and reduce its real estate footprint. This will make Salesforce the latest tech company slashing their expenses during this period of economic uncertainty. In the letter; CEO Marc Benioff, admitted to growing the headcount more than […]

The 5 Best Affiliate Networks For Beginners

Affiliate marketing can be extremely daunting, especially for beginners. A major way you can reduce the knowledge gap and increase your business growth is by joining an affiliate group with like-minded affiliates. Many of these groups are free to join and you can use these groups to build your own personal network and leapfrog common […]

5 common mistakes made when joining new affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the highest ROI businesses anyone can start. With little to no upfront capital, no sales or fulfilment, affiliates can earn income without having to deal directly with customers. Although affiliate marketing has its perks, many new affiliates fail because they fall into common pitfalls. These pitfalls often have a direct […]

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