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Facebook Advertising

Best Facebook Marketing And Advertising Agency In Mumbai

Fortune IT Corp is a Leading Facebook Advertising Company in Mumbai. We help you in marketing & advertising your business on Facebook which leads to the growth and development of your products and services.

Fortune IT Corp is a professional and expert in Facebook marketing and advertising promotion services company. We always assist to promote small and local businesses on Facebook. We offer Facebook ads campaign management services at an affordable cost compared to any other Facebook marketing agencies in India.

Facebook Marketing has gained the top preference for marketing products, services, and brands nowadays. Fortune IT Corp gives you the facility to market your brand on Facebook. Our company creates a page for your brand and then promotes it to increase brand awareness.

The main points for marketing on Facebook include notifications, E-mail, sharing, inviting friends, mini-feed, groups, news-feed, profile application interaction, attachments, photos, videos, notes, behavioral-based interaction with the application, etc. Facebook Advertising in Mumbai You can achieve higher brand resonance and online sales using Facebook. We help you in marketing your business on Facebook which leads to the growth and development of your products and services.

Types of Promotion on Facebook

  • Branding & Promotion on Facebook
  • Boost your post on Facebook
  • Connect with people or Generate Likes on your Facebook Page
  • Promote your website to get clicks/visitors
  • Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads)
  • Offer Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Lead Ads

What do We do For Facebook Advertising Services?

We create Facebook Ads Include:

  • Page Like Ads: To increase the page likes and followers
  • Page Post Engagements: To promote your page posts
  • Website Conversion Ads: To make people act upon your website
  • Click to Website Ads: To drive traffic to your website
  • Offers: To create redeemable offers
  • App Install Ads: To make users install your apps
  • Event Response Ads: To increase event turnover

Our Facebook Advertising Services

1. We Develop Your Facebook Page
Not just Facebook pages, we create unique profiles for brands. We offer off the shelf, custom designs to our clients helping them design and maintain a page exactly as per their requirements.

2. We Target Your Audience
Finding and targeting the right audience can be particularly daunting to those not well-versed with Facebook advertising. We help you reach the right people, every day, getting more and more traffic to your website based on Facebook’s demographic and segmentation tools.
Identifying the buyer persona and targeting them becomes a breeze.

3. We Device Strategies
Simply because you cannot function without a coordinated plan, we ensure that your efforts do not feel sporadic. You know your customers and we know Facebook. And we treat it accordingly.

4. We Create Your Facebook Ads
We design engaging, creative ads based on your advertising objectives, allocating your resources across the most responsive audiences and taking the business right to the customers.

Our Facebook Advertising Technique

  • Ad Spending: We manage your spending with a focus on ROI
  • Build Custom Audience: We upload your customer lists so they can be targeted or excluded
  • Look like Audience: We extend your lists to reach similar people on facebook
  • Setup Remarketing: We help you Re-reach the people who have visited your site
  • FB Pixel Implementation: We verify the facebook pixel is installed and tracking correctly
  • Dynamic Ads: Show product ads to people who viewed product pages
  • Optimization: We help you to maximum optimization of ads
  • Reporting: We monitor analyze and report on your ad account

Why Us For Facebook Advertising Services

At Fortune IT Corp, we have a combined team of industry experts and young minds. This is because, while industry experts keep a check on Facebook analytics, it is the young minds that spend their maximum time on following social media trends. These young minds give a fresh perspective and come up with unique marketing ideas under the guidance and expertise of industry professionals. This way, we ensure that our clients can extract the maximum profit through our Facebook Advertising Service.


10,000 INR / 150 USD Monthly


18,000 INR / 250 USD Monthly


28,000 INR / 400 USD Monthly

Our Facebook Marketing Services Include

Brand Awareness

The Brand Awareness objective is ideal for businesses that want to increase the visibility of their brand. It focuses on getting your brand in front of as many people as possible. This objective is best suited for companies that are new to the market or have just launched a new product or service

Traffic Ads

"Traffic" is a type of Facebook Ads objective that focuses on driving more traffic to your website or landing page. When you select "Traffic" as your objective, Facebook's algorithm will optimize your ad delivery to show your ad to people who are more likely to click through to your website or landing page.

Facebook Engagement Ads

"Engagement" is a type of Facebook Ads objective that focuses on getting people to engage with your ad or content, such as liking, commenting, or sharing. When you select "Engagement" as your objective, Facebook's algorithm will optimize your ad delivery to show your ad to people who are more likely to engage with your content.

Facebook Lead Generation

"Lead Generation" is a type of Facebook Ads objective that focuses on collecting leads from your target audience. When you select "Lead Generation" as your objective, Facebook's algorithm will optimize your ad delivery to show your ad to people who are more likely to provide their contact information in exchange for an offer, such as an e-book or webinar.

App Promotion

"App Installs" is a type of Facebook Ads objective that focuses on getting more people to install your mobile app. When you select "App Installs" as your objective, Facebook's algorithm will optimize your ad delivery to show your ad to people who are more likely to download and install your app.

Catalog Sales Objective

"Catalog Sales" is a type of Facebook Ads objective that focuses on promoting products from your e-commerce catalog and driving sales on your website or app. When you select "Catalog Sales" as your objective, Facebook's algorithm will optimize your ad delivery to show your ads to people who are more likely to make a purchase.

Reasons To Use Facebook Marketing Services In India

Facebook Marketing Results We Provided!

Advantages Of Facebook Marketing Services

Reach Your Targeted Audience

It does not matter where you are a B2B or B2C company, you can reach your targeted buyers easily on Facebook with the help of Facebook marketing services. More than 2.5 billion people use Facebook and this is more than any other social media platform these days.

Full Funnel Marketing With Different Objectives

With the Facebook AI, you can target your buyers very easily and you can use funnel based marketing to cater for them. You can make use of different Facebook Ads formats and objectives to reach your targeted audience like Video Ads, Carousel ads, Image ads etc.

Target Competitors With Right Facebook Marketing

If you know your competitors then you can take benefit of competitor targeting on Facebook. You can’t target fans of your competitor or any other pages but you can target those who have shown interest in your competitor brand as their interest.

Measurable Performance

You can set your objective during Facebook ads creation and install Facebook Pixel and it will show you how the data changes like how much money you have spent on your Facebook ads and how many impressions and leads you have received.

Facebook Ads Are Affordable

You don’t need to worry if you have a low Facebook marketing budget. If you are a small business then you can still advertise on Facebook and generate leads and traffic for your business website.

Make Use Of Remarketing Campaigns in Facebook

You can target those visitors who have visited your website but did not make any order yet with the help of Facebook remarketing campaigns.

Different Objectives In Facebook Advertising Services

There are different objectives as per your goal requirement. Please check below mentioned Facebook ads objectives: AWARENESS

Promote Local Business In Your Location To Drive Traffic To Your Local Business Store

Our Facebook Ads Agency Works HARD, So That You DON’T MISS A SINGLE OPPORTUNITY

Do Facebook Marketing Services Really Work?

How Does Our Facebook Marketing Company Boost Small Business Facebook Marketing


Fortune IT Corp is a Facebook Marketing Company in India that knows the minutiae of Facebook advertising and has worked on many Facebook marketing campaigns. Our professional Facebook marketing services can scale up quickly and make your business reach peaks.

We strive to target audiences on the basis of our client’s goals by designing branded ads. We create catchy Facebook posts and share alluring pictures of our client’s products/ services that attract the visitor.

With our keen skills, we are able to focus on the more interested customers from a large group of people.

We know that every business is unique in itself, and a single Facebook Advertising Strategy can not work well for different kinds of businesses. Therefore, we provide social media marketing strategies that are customised to your needs and can bring a boost to your business.

Our Small Business Facebook Marketing Services Include:

Our small business Facebook Promotion services offer organic and paid advertising on Facebook. We always go the extra mile to help small businesses to make their Facebook promotion plan successfull. Here are the benefits small businesses can get with our Small Business Facebook Promotion Packages.

Our Organic Facebook Management Includes:

Paid Facebook Promotion Includes:

If you want leads and sales then our Facebook marketing services can help you to get them too. Our team will create a Facebook ads campaign as per your objective and give you the best outcomes from the Ads Campaign.

We Deliver What You Expect From An Expert Facebook Advertising Company:-

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About Facebook Marketing Services

Fortune IT Corp’s Facebook Marketing Packages may cost anywhere between 140 USD to 385 USD per month depending on the project, whereas in Indian Currency it accounts from 10,000 INR to 28,000 INR plus 18% GST per month. Small business owners may start with a small package of 140 USD, mid-size businesses can consider going with a Facebook Marketing Package worth 250 USD, whereas the package of USD 385 can be viable for giant businesses or e-commerce businesses.

There are many reasons why Facebook is best for marketing purposes. First of all, it has a big audience base and easily lets businesses connect with their targeted audience. Secondly, it offers a big spectrum of Facebook Ads formats letting businesses traverse their message effectively, and thirdly it offers a playground to businesses where they don’t just connect to their targeted audience but also lets them measure the ups and downs.

All you need to do to get started with Facebook Marketing is to contact a professional, reputed, certified, and experienced Facebook Marketing Company. With the right Facebook Marketing Company by your side, you can expect to gain better results.

Advertising on Facebook is 100% worth it. It helps to reach the targeted audience, generate new leads, and gain more conversions.

FB ads cost can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the region you’re targeting, ad type, and budget. However, on average, you can expect to pay around $1 per click (CPC) for your ads. This means that if you want 100 people to click on your ad, your total budget would be $100. Keep in mind that these are just averages – your actual CPC may be higher or lower.

There are a few things you can do to keep your Facebook advertising costs down. First, make sure you target your ads appropriately so you’re not wasting money on clicks from people who aren’t interested in what you’re selling. Also, experiment with different ad types and see which ones generate the most clicks at the lowest cost. Finally, set a realistic budget and stick to it.

Small businesses have found great success in using Facebook marketing to reach new customers and grow their business. Facebook provides a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience, share content, and build relationships.

One of the best ways to use Facebook for small businesses is to create a business page. A business page allows you to provide information about your business, share photos and videos, and connect with customers. You can also use Facebook ads to reach more people who might be interested in your products or services.

Facebook is also a great place to share content. You can share blog posts, articles, images, and videos. By sharing valuable content, you can help build relationships with potential customers and encourage them to visit your website or shop.

Finally, be sure to respond to comments and questions from customers. This helps build relationships and shows that you care about your customers.

There is no one answer to how much a small business should spend on Facebook ads. It depends on a variety of factors, including the size and reach of your target market, how much competition you have, and your budget.

That said, if you’re looking for some general guidelines, Facebook offers a few suggestions. They suggest starting with a small budget and then increasing it gradually as you see results. They also recommend testing different types of ads to see what works best for your business.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that Facebook marketing should be part of a larger marketing strategy. Your Facebook ads should be targeted at people who are likely to be interested in your product or service, and you should use other marketing channels to reach additional customers.

A lot of things come under social media marketing which includes the posting of text, images, video, and other types of content that drives audience attention.

You can organically promote your Facebook page by making a Facebook Business Page. From that page, you can promote your business by posting high-quality images and videos, hosting contests and promotions, using Facebook stories and conducting live sessions, sharing customer feedback, and more.

Facebook Marketing is cheap. It lets you run ads at a low cost and reach a broader audience base easily. Moreover, it gives the liberty to businesses to run ads according to their budget.

Is Facebook marketing really free? It depends on how you use it. If you’re only using your personal profile to connect with friends and family, then yes, it’s free. But if you’re using Facebook to market your business, then you need to consider the cost of paid advertising.

Paid advertising on Facebook can be expensive, but there are ways to keep the cost down. One way is to target your ads to a specific audience. You can also choose to run your ad for a shorter period of time. And finally, you can use tools like Facebook’s Ads Manager to help you create and track your ads.

There is no doubt that Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking platforms on the internet. With over 2 billion active users, it is a great place to market your business. However, whether or not Facebook is effective for marketing is up for debate.

One advantage of using Facebook for marketing is that you can target specific demographics based on information that users have shared publicly on their profiles. This can include things like age, gender, location, interests, and more. You can also use Facebook to create custom audiences of people who have interacted with your business in some way, such as by visiting your website or engaging with your content on social media.

However, there are also several disadvantages to using Facebook for marketing. For one thing, organic reach (the number of people who see your posts without paying for advertising) continues to decline as the platform becomes more saturated.

Creating a Facebook Page for your business is the first step in marketing on Facebook. Once you have created the page, you can begin to populate it with information about your business. Be sure to include a link to your website and add photos and videos to help engage your audience.

You can also start marketing your business on Facebook by creating ads. You can target specific demographics and create custom audiences based on interests or behaviors. You can also use Facebook Insights to track the performance of your ads and see how well they are working.

Another great way to market your business on Facebook is by using boosted posts. Boosted posts allow you to promote your post to a larger audience, increasing the chances that people will see it and take action. You can use boosted posts to promote products, services, or even events.

  1. FB marketing is a great way to connect with customers and promote your products or services.
  2. By creating a business page on Facebook, you can connect with customers and potential customers.
  3. You can also promote your products or services by using Facebook ads.
  4. Facebook ads allow you to target specific customers based on their interests, demographics, and behavior.
  5. You can also use Facebook Messenger to connect with customers and provide customer service.
  6. FB marketing is a great way to connect with customers and promote your products or services.

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