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Window Hosting Server

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Storage Space1 GB2 GB5 GB
Bandwidth Traffic per month20 GB50 GB100 GB
Parked Domains00
ADD On Domains00
Number of websites that can be hosted in one plan111
Plesk Windows Hosting Control Panel (8.6 or 9.2)YesYesYes
50+ Auto ScriptsYesYesYes
Search Engine SubmissionYesYesYes
Search Engine Optimization TipsYesYesYes
Subdomains (
Pay for 1 YearRs. 3000Rs. 6000Rs. 12000
Pay For 2 YearsRs. 6000Rs. 12000Rs. 24000

Windows Hosting And Windows Servers

The Windows operating system is the key component of any Windows hosting operation. In 2007, this platform received an added boost of power with the introduction of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft’s most advanced server operating system to be released thus far. The built-in web services, management tools and virtualization technologies can dramatically enhance the quality and reliability of almost any Windows hosting infrastructure.

IIS 7.0

A major force behind the substantially improved Windows hosting platform is all the enhancements that have been made to IIS. Version 7.0 gives server administrators complete control of all the installed components, allowing them to pick and choose which services are used. This translates to better security and faster performance for the end-user. With FastCGI support for PHP and other languages that rely on CGI, your web applications can now run with optimal efficiency.

One of the biggest improvements in IIS is a new bundle of APIs that provides developers with direct access to the core of the server, making for seemingly endless customization opportunities. Server administrators also have the power to grant permissions to website owners to perform specified operations, thus adding to the control and flexibility of a Windows hosting package.

Hyper-V Virtualization

Hyper-V virtualization technology made its official debut in Windows Server 2008. When utilizing servers armed with AMD-V or Intel VT virtualization solutions, Hyper-V has the ability to add both physical and virtual resources to the server. Administrators can incorporate additional hard drives, memory and other hardware – all without bringing down the system and interrupting service. When it comes to virtualized Windows hosting, Hyper-V can provide a platform that ensures the utmost in economy, stability and performance.

Restartable AD DS

The inclusion of restartable AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services) helps to improve the reliability of Windows hosting in scenarios where an AD installation is damaged, corrupted or otherwise fails and needs to be restored. Older versions of Windows required a complete reboot in a special mode, which essentially meant the whole server needed to come down. With the newest edition, the AD function can simply be disabled and restored – all while the rest of the system features remain up and running.

Enhanced NTFS

The enhancements made to the NTFS give the file system a proactive role in maintaining the stability and integrity of a Windows hosting environment. A new feature known as transactional NTFS allows programmers to define transactions for various server-side functions. For instance, a developer can configure transactions that copy files to a certain directory or register keys in the system registry. The unique part of this capability is that all tasks are facilitated in a single transaction. Therefore, they must all be completed, or the entire process reverts back to a previous state. This helps to prevent orphan entries being left in the registry, as well as all the performance issues they have been known to cause.


Network Access Protection, or NAP, is a new policy in Windows Server 2008 that requires hardware devices to meet various specified standards before being allowed to the access the network. If, for whatever reason, the hardware does not meet these requirements, it can be sent to a quarantined area of the network, where it is only allowed to interact with the services that can perform the necessary updates or repairs it needs to pass. Administrators can also make configurations to deny the device entirely.

Improved Security Features

The security of Windows hosting has been greatly improved due to the enhancements in Windows Server 2008. One of the newest features is the implementation of BitLocker, an encryption program developed by Microsoft. BitLocker helps to protect critical system files at startup, as its encryption keys can be stored on a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) or numerous types of removable media. The platform is also better equipped to defend against malware and intrusion thanks to a new and improved firewall. These features attribute to the growing reputation of Windows hosting being one of the most secure solutions on the market.

Finding Support

Windows hosting is abundant these days, but finding a good host that offers Windows Server 2008 may be a challenge. This is because several firms are still using the previous version and have yet to upgrade their systems. With that said, these solutions are on the market, and once you locate them, you can then compare hosts, choose a package, and reap all the additional benefits Windows hosting has to offer.

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